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The Tooth Positioner, since its invention in 1941, has proven to be the most exacting appliance to complete all methods of orthodontic treatment. They have even been used to correct mild malocclusions with no previous appliance treatment. It's a custom-made resilient  mouthpiece.

The Positioner is constructed  over a set-up model where all, or some, of the teeth have been  removed and the placed into new, more ideal positions. When a Tooth Positioner is worn for the final positioning of teeth, it is possible to remove fixed appliance from three to six months earlier.

Tooth Positioner Capabilities:

1. Settle teeth into desired cuspal relationships

2. Close spaces (2mm to 3mm total in each arch)

3. Correct slight buccolingual discrepancies

4. Produce improved arch form

5. Achieve moderate rotations of anterior teeth

6. Move teeth into improved axial inclinations

7. Open or close the anterior bite

8. Serves as a retainer after any or all the above have been achieved.

Flexiclear Tooth Positioner

This crystal clear positioner has no odor or taste, and has aesthetic appeal which aids in patient cooperation. It is available in two degrees of elasticity. Soft provides moderate corrections and it is very comfortable to wear. Medium is very durable with sufficient resiliency to accomplish most minor corrections.

Impak Tooth Positioner

This completely transparent thermo-elastic acrylic positioner is extremely hard at room temperature, but softens at body temperature. During initial wearing, it is necessary to place the appliance in hot tap water to soften before seating; however, after more corrections have been achieved, this procedure is no longer necessary. An Impak positioner softened in hot water is very flexible; however, when it cools, the appliance contracts and tightly grips the teeth - an excellent advantage for rotating and tipping teeth. We recommend a short or a mini-trim flange for patient comfort.

Silicone Tooth Positioner

This semi-transparent material is our softest and most elastic. It is ideal for cases requiring more space closure as it easily stretches over the arch.

Other available options:

PAR Clasp:

Either in a ball or loop end, they provide retention and a guide for seating the appliance.

PAR Socket Liners:

Provide extra force in individual sockets to achieve  rotations, tipping or depressing of incisors crowns.

Air Holes or Slots:

Should be requested if a patient has a difficulty breathing through the nose.

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An aid in treatment planning and patient/parent consultations. Provide a set of original models and indicate your treatment plan on the prescription form - also please  note any teeth you intended to have extracted.

Experienced technicians will construct a set-up that illustrates anticipated treatment results - assists both the patient and parents in better understanding your treatment objectives.

PAR Constructs Set-Ups and Positioners Using Any of the following Procedures

Average Bite Opening

Completed set-ups are placed in a custom-build articulator and the posterior segments are opened to approximately 2-1/2 mm. We then produce a wax bite, which reflects proper orientation and freeway space, and utilize it in the correct articulation and construction of the corresponding positioner.

Hinge Axis Tracing

Data from the patient's lateral head-film is recorded and transferred into the articulation of the positioner. This technique  provides a more comfortable, individualized appliance.

Adjustable Articulator

The set-up is constructed on cast mounted on an articulator of your choice and allows positioning of the teeth in coordination with the patient's temporal mandibular joint movements.

Two services are available and either procedure eliminates having to send your articulator with the models. 

1. If  you request a PANADENT, DENAR or SAM articulator, forward mounted upper and lower casts only,  with a wax bite and proper registration. Other articulators are not interchangeable, therefore.

2. Please mount only the upper cast and send with the centric  wax bite. We place the upper on any other articulator you specify  and plaster mount the lower in conjunction with the bite.

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