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Upper Hawley Retainer

This appliance is designed primarily as a final retainer to be used at the completion of orthodontic treatment. It can be used for retention only, or the hawley bow can be adjusted to close spaces in the anterior teeth. A variety of springs can be added to correct the alignment of individual teeth.

Unless otherwise specified, we construct a standard upper hawley using .030 wire with "C "clasps, however, Adams, Ball or Arrow Clasp are also available.

Lower Hawley Retainer

Unless otherwise specified, we construct a standard Lower Hawley using .030" labial wire. This retainer features .030" continuous lingual wire with rest on the molars. Adams, Ball or Arrow Clasp are also available.

Upper Hawley Wrap-Around

This retainer features a continuous wire from the flat wire labial bow to the molars. The standard upper wrap-around has coiled stabilizing wires distal  to the laterals. A lower  wrap-around would also include the wire with rests on the molars.

Hawley With Mushroom Spring

The "mushroom" shaped spring on the lingual of the anterior teeth in conjunction with the Hawley bow is excellent for retention. The spring can also be manipulated to assist in correcting any relapsed anteriors.

Standard Spring Retainer

The standard cuspid to cuspid Spring Retainer is designed to correct minor crowding or relapse of upper and lower incisors. They are produced from resilient .026 wire which is adapted over the teeth  that have been reset into improved relationships. Wire extensions or soldered  C's on the bicuspids may also be added for retention.

Combination Spring/Hawley

This combination of Spring Retainer and a Hawley Retainer  has improved retention and stability over a standard  Spring Retainer. After resetting the teeth into improved relationships, the spring portion corrects the teeth  and protects them against possible relapse. This removable retainer is an excellent choice to use as a holding appliance after the completion of fixed appliance treatment.

Combination Spring/Hawley Retainer With Roger Loops

The addition of Rogers loops on the Spring/H awley Retainer allows increase flexibility of the lingual portion of the acrylic. The loops have more adjustment points and are ideal for labial movement of the anterior primarily centrals.

Combination Spring/Hawley Retainer with Helix Loops

The addition of Helix Coils on the Spring/Hawley Retainer is ideal for labial movement of the anteriors, primarily the laterals. They also allow increased flexibility of the lingual portion of the acrylic.

Loop Arch Adapter

This appliance is used for closing space and minor tooth rotations. Wire and acrylic are tightly contoured to the buccal of all teeth with a adjustment loop in the posterior section. The wrap around wire and lingual acrylic provide the required functional force (an adjustment loop may also be added to the lingual).


A removable appliance with the primary purpose of lengthening the arch and correcting crowding. A three-way  sagittal has a third screw added to allow for expansion of arch width when needed. The standard sagittal has Adams and ball clasps for retention.

This sagittal is extremely versatile and can be designed to accomplish the advancement of anteriors plus lateral expansion of the posteriors, or distalization all the posteriors with full lateral arch expansion.

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