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RPE - Rapid Palate Expander

This fixed appliance is ideal for the expansion of the midpalatal suture. The RPE illustrated achieves lateral expansion. It is an all stainless steel 11 mm expansion screw soldered to the molar and bicuspid bands. It is also soldered to the molar bands with wire extensions to the bicuspids. A lower version of the RPE is available for lateral expansion of the mandibular arch.

Bonded RPE

This fixed appliance has the same function as the standard RPE, but requires no bands. It has  wire framework in the posterior sections with occlusal acrylic on the bicuspids and first molars for bonding. It includes an 11 mm expansion screw. Facemask hooks can be added.

Haas Expander

This fixed palatal expander is designed to allow the acrylic to expand against the alveolar walls to help achieve total expansion. The Haas illustrated will achieve lateral expansion: however, there are other variations designed to fan out the anterior or the posterior teeth.

Mini Expander

This telescopic expansion screw is designed for easy anterior access and is ideal for the lower arch because it is smaller  than any other RPE Screw. It can also be used in the upper and the maximum expansion of 11 mm.

Telescopic Super Screw

This expansion appliance is designed for easy anterior access to activate the screw using a wrench. A lock-nut option allows  the orthodontist to lock the expander once activation is complete. The appliance that is illustrated is the bonded version; however, it is also available soldered to bands.

Quad Helix

A fixed appliance  used to correct unilateral or bilateral crossbites, expand posterior segments or align crowded teeth. It has many adjustments points which can be activated with a 3 prong plier.

Removable Quad Helix

This appliance achieves expansion, contraction, rotation or torque. The four helixes provide excellent elasticity. Extra long arms permit many options in the transfer or forces to various teeth. Because it is removable, the arches can be activated outside the mouth and accurately checked in the mouth. Molar torque can be easily reactivated, changed and checked.


This fixed appliance is a simple version of a Quad Helix expander and can be used in either the upper or lower arch

Hilgers Pendex

This fixed appliance produces a molar distalizing effect in the maxilla. A large  acrylic button is used  as an anchoring component with .032 TMA spring producing a light  and continuous force against the molars. The middle line screw provides palatal expansion which can be accomplished  prior the molar distalization, or both movements coordinated  to the patient's specific requirements.

Distal Jet

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The active removable mandibular expansion appliance is used for minor lateral expansion and to flare crowded anterior teeth.

Upper Schwarz

A removable appliance that corrects bilateral cross bites and helps eliminate anterior crowding. The standard design features a Hawley Bow, Ball and Adams Clasps and palatal expansion adjustment screw. Additional attachments or springs can be added and the Schwarz is available with or without occlusal coverage.

Lower Schwarz

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